If you answered mostly C, you have a "Romantic" Fashion Personality.

Variation on the theme of "blue sweater" See more "romantic" looks  at 
You enjoy a "romantic" look and feeling feminine is a high 
priority for you. You take the structured and the unstructured and you soften it up. You prefer womanly silhouettes, charming details, and pretty color combinations.

Avoid anything "girlish" in your professional ensembles (like hair decor, pastel suits, or too much jewelry or nail art. Continue to use your instincts when shopping but go for quality over quantity.

  • Choose colors to work like cosmetics around your face. (Wear your most flattering.) 
  • Update your hairstyle to something romantic AND current.
  • ​Remember the distinction between daytime vs. night time makeup.
  • Adopt a signature accessory such as a strand of pearls, over-sized ring, or charm bracelet to solidify your claim to "romantic."
  • ​Ensure that your handbag for work is professional and not just "pretty."

Take it a step further: What kind of "romantic" are you? Bohemian? Country? Gypsy? Urban? Euro? If you come up with something you think is clever, tell me about it!