Self Assessment for Choosing the First Service to Provide:
Circle the number for the statement which applies to you. If you don’t know the answer to a question, skip it entirely.

1.I enjoy “making over” individual women even if only in my imagination.
2.I have confidence in speaking in front of a large group of people.
3.I enjoy watching fashion trends come and go and I think I can individualize them for women.
4.I have confidence speaking in front of an intimate gathering of people who know one another (but I don’t know them).
5.I enjoy meeting new people.
6.I know how to channel distracting “chit chat” in a group (work group, social functions) to a topic of greater focus.
7.I enjoy demonstrating things to people.
8.I can handle a person’s anger in front of other people.
9.I like to write out action plans and directions for people.
10.I rarely get tired while shopping for fashion.
11.I like to work with audio visuals.
12.I find it easy to be honest with someone about how something looks on them.
13.I can handle questions from people (in a group) quickly and thoroughly.
14.I know how to put a person at ease.
15.I could probably handle being scrutinized by a group for my fashion.
16.I enjoy putting together presentations.
17.I have a voice that carries across a medium-sized room even without a microphone.
18.I like cleaning and organizing closets.
19.I don’t mind the mall.
20.I have experience with product “home parties” and small trunk shows.
21.I’m an excellent listener.
22.Working in someone’s living room wouldn’t bother me.
23.I love to teach in a classroom setting.
24.I am often told that I should have become a therapist.
25.I have experience networking among my peers and/or women who are not necessarily office professionals.
26.I enjoy going to product “home parties” or small trunk shows.
27.I can make another person excited about fashion.
28.I speak with women very well in one-on-one situations.
29.I can organize information into understandable components for others.
30.I don’t mind working in front of people who are eating and sharing inside jokes among themselves. (i.e. I won’t dip into the hummus while I am supposed to be presenting.)
31.I enjoy travel to places out of town.
32.Working in someone’s bedroom wouldn’t bother me.
33.I have experience with business contracts.
34.I can leave home to do business on a Friday or Saturday night.
35.I am often told that I amaze people with the way I put outfits together.
36.I can speak persuasively on an idea about which I feel passionately.
37.I really enjoy creating a Power Point presentation.
38.I have patience with a person who feels stressed and under pressure.
39.I feel comfortable in the corporate setting.
40.I know how to speak to a woman with poor self esteem.
41.I am great with figuring out women’s individual needs for color and makeup.
42.I like to “work a crowd” to network.
43.I understand the fashion needs of business women.
44.I have a strong corporate presence about myself. (Or, I know I could if I needed.)
45.I love to play “mix and match” with clothing for the fun of it.
46.I can handle a hostile participant in a large group.
47.I have a special place in my heart for women who fall to pieces at the prospect of dressing well.
48.I could probably present information to a group through a lot of “non professional” distractions. (crying child, visitors, telephone calls)
49.I have no personal mobility restrictions (from heart problems, arthritis, etc.).
50.I feel comfortable marketing myself among professionals.
51.I enjoy searching the Internet for great fashion bargains.
52.I can handle a crying woman.
53.I have the kind of schedule that allows me to leave around dinner time or right after (on weekdays) and return a little past bedtime.
54.I think I could make a whole group of people excited about fashion.
55.I feel comfortable in a suit.
56.I love to shop.
57.I do not enjoy speaking in front of a large group of people.
58.Working in someone’s bedroom would really bug me.
59.I can’t stand corporate anything.
60.There is no way I can leave home on a Friday or Saturday night.
61.I can only work nights and weekends.
62.I hate technology!
63.I really only want to work with companies.
64.I do not want to work in someone’s home.
65.I need to stick with the traditional 9-5 work hours.
66.I really want to reach teens.
Look below for the numbers you’ve chosen in the exercise above. Either circle or highlight each.

The personal (one-on-one) fashion consultation with shopping services

Non corporate services, small group presentations and motivational talks

Corporate services, seminars, motivational talks

Now, examine where the majority of your chosen numbers are. This is one indication of where you may want to begin your fashion career.

Other services can be added as you gain experience. As we know, life can take us many places we never dreamed we’d be!