Bring on the Polar Vortex : It's So You!

Bring on the Polar Vortex

by Mary Sheehan Warren on 01/27/14

Another polar vortex? I guess the last one wasn't enough and we will come out the other side tougher, stronger people.

Or, maybe we'll be broken by this, we'll see.

Either way, you might as well face this thing with style. Embrace the snow. Smile at the negative numbers. And laugh in the face of the wind chill.

Or at least try these ideas:

1. Wear an extra layer of clothing close to your skin. It can be Cuddl Duds (or any kind of thermal underwear), thick tights, or even just panty hose.



Good investment                                In a pinch, DIY

2. Find an awesome hat. Hat head can be treated in one of the following ways:

  • Just never remove your hat.
  • Put your hair up once you remove your hat.
  • Wear your hat head like you mean it. ("This is the current look children.")


Yes, absolutely                                    This still bothers me. 

3. Maintain a colorful collection of scarves. If you have cool coloring, wear a fabulous cobalt on Monday, a glorious purple on Tuesday, happy red on Wednesday, pure white on Thursday, and some sort of leopard print on Friday.


Yes                                                           It depends.

4. Get a pair of wool mittens. Mittens provide greater warmth than gloves. Get the cool kind with the finger flaps.

5. Check the back of your closet for that long lost coat that might just keep you warmer. No, not the Packers jacket. No, not the hunting coat. It must help you feel beautiful.

I find that fur makes me feel beautiful. I know it's not politically correct to wear fur, but just think about all those little minks who gave their lives for your warmth. Don't let that go to waste. And don't worry too much about being unfair to the mink. If you met one in person, he'd probably bite you anyway. Bump into a gang of them in a dark alley, and they'd probably eat you.

Avoid eye contact.

6. Footwear is tricky business in this area. Wear your snow boots too often and you'll start to feel schleppy. On the other hand, wear a cute little peep-toe flat, and you'll get frostbite on your pinky toe.

Go for a happy medium. Wear your snow boots for your commute but bring along your snazzy shoes for the office. If you're in and out of buildings in any given day, go for durable pair of equestrian, cowboy, or Doc Martins. In this way, winter won't get as tiring as fast for you.

A good way to freak out your mother.

Polar vortex you say? I say bring it on!

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