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Do's and Don'ts from the Fashion Police: Part 1 Attitudes

by Mary Sheehan Warren on 06/29/12

Because no woman needs the stress which comes from a life of crime, the fashion police have arrived with the law of do’s and don’ts. See if you can guess which statement is a do and which is a don’t: (Taken from my talk for Chocolate Cake for a Mommy’s Soul at Mary Magnor’s – Thanks Mary for giving me a deadline for getting this done!)

1. Do or Don’t? Arrange your outfits so that your sexiest feature becomes the focal point of your fashion.

Do if you know that your sexiest feature is your face. Don’t do this if you think your breasts or your upper thighs or midriff or provocative tattoo counts as sexiest. Yeah, they are sexy indeed, but only a part of the whole…and the whole you is who’s sexiest.

2. Do or Don’t? Dress for yourself and don’t worry about anyone else.

Wouldn’t that be fun? I could just roll out of bed, not brush hair or teeth (What morning breath?) and go around in flannel jammies all day. I could even wear a fanny pack to hold my cell phone, chocolates, and novel, and I’d never have to worry about matching my socks. Or my shoes. It would be fun, true, but also a little lonely.

Well, you (or most of you out there) do worry about others when you dress. In a way, when we really understand ourselves in our roles as professionals, friends, wives, and mothers then dressing for ourselves means dressing for others as well.

So, it’s a trick question. Do dress for yourself because when you do, you dress for others as well.

3. Do or Don’t? Dress your husband and children better than you dress yourself because that’s true generosity.

I see this all the time and it always reminds me that this indeed is a DON’T! What kind of message is, “Dress well my dear even if you see that I don’t because, after all, motherhood doesn’t deserve respect”.

4. Do or Don’t? Arrange items of an ensemble so that your body type is flattered.

Didn’t I just say DO keep the focal point on your face? So, why do I talk about body type? Should you care?

Well, do this because by ensuring that no one part of your silhouette is out of proportion (or "sticking out" to borrow the phrase) you continue to keep the focal point on your face.

5. Do or Don’t? Own lots of clothing because this increases one’s chances of dressing stylishly.

Your math is wrong if you think this is a do. Remember, owning less is really owning more. You want every single outfit to be a winner, and that’s just not the case if you have a hundred things clogging up the system. So, it’s a don’t.

6. Do or Don’t? Only buy the highest quality of clothing.

This might be the most difficult question to answer because the smartest dressers know that quality is always more important than quantity. Nowadays, however, a high price is not a guarantee for quality. In fact, you just have to accept that some kinds of quick updates to your wardrobe should be considered “disposable.” The core pieces of your wardrobe, however, should be your investment pieces: Work trousers, suits, the suit jacket, dress shirts, blue jeans, every day shoes, and handbags for work. The disposables might include “fun” tops, update cardigans, some jewelry, novelty bags, and some kinds of dress shoes and sandals.

So, the answer is do for your investment pieces.

Stay tuned for more do’s and don’t related to the current fashion season.

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