DSW read my mind : It's So You!

DSW read my mind

by Mary Sheehan Warren on 12/21/10

So I blog about boots and voila! in comes a DSW add to my email account.

Anyone who is really into shoes knows all about this place. Unfortunately, even the greatest shoe enthusiasts can become a little overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the store.

So, here is some DSW advice:

1. Eat a high carb meal the night before you plan to visit your local DSW.

2. Arrange for a babysitter for your trip as well.

3. Eat a high protein breakfast the morning of your planned visit.

4. Put on the socks or hosiery you normally wear with the kinds of shoes for which you are searching.

5. Okay...kinds of shoes: For this trip, it's to find really really smart boots.

6. When you arrive at the store, leave your coat in the car. (You need freedom of movement.)

7. Walk in and focus on just the boot section. Take a deep breath.

8. Do the "walk through" to survey everything.

9. Go back through the route and grab the ones that interest you in the sizes you need to try.

10 Try on both pairs of everything under consideration. Walk around. Sit and cross your legs in front of the mirror. Stand in front of the mirror.

11. Think about how sturdy you need these babes to be. Are you walking through snow, water, ice, salt, mud? (Don't walk through mud in them, please. Get Wellies for that.)

12. If you like brown, buy them in brown. We are wearing brown with everything.

13. Settle only for ones with lower chances of giving you a bunion. (Unless you want a bunion, of course.)

14. Go for it! (Either by process of elimination or by gut instinct, you've found a pair that hits the mark.)

15. Put the sales receipt in your wallet. Bring home the shoes in your trunk. (Don't want any shoe-robbers to see that bag from DSW.

16. Wear them while you do something ordinary that evening. It will make the task seem just a little zippier.



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