Fashion Personality : It's So You!

Fashion Personality

by Mary Sheehan Warren on 02/16/13

I remember the word that flashed through my mind when I created my first on-line fashion personality test.


It came with bells and flashing lights. It wasn't just a light bulb that went off above my head. It was one of Beyonce's flood lights that took down the Super Bowl. (Okay, that was a different generator; but that's saying something.)  I smiled to myself. "Yes, I'm quite the clever little fashion consultant, aren't I?

That was about four years ago. Now, the word which flashes through my mind when I see a submission come into my email box is...


Yes, I've overwhelmed myself. At first, I'd get a few submissions a week. But then, much to my mixed feelings of delight and weariness, the submissions came through like water from a fire hose...or cream makeup from a tube-gone-bad. I eventually became deluged, so that, like a rogue postal worker, I began stashing mail away and out of sight from the visible world.

So, I apologize to anyone who never heard back from me in regard to her fashion personality. But here is my peace offering: A new quiz with an ANSWER KEY!

Even if you've taken the quiz in the past, read it and go deeply into fashion personality with detailed descriptions and links to my Pinterest account. (Yes, I finally remembered my password.)

Of course, I promise, to answer you when you email me a comment like, "I don't see the fashion personality called 'Biker-Mad-Max-Babe-with-Support-Hose.'" I'll be right there with aid and assistance.

Yes, it's never too late to ride...or answer fashion personality submissions.

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