History of Fashion : It's So You!

History of Fashion

by Mary Sheehan Warren on 11/21/11

I knew Mary Martin was talented, but now I'm going to add this performance on the history of fashion to the list of the best out there. It's more illustrative than most of the books I've read. Watch it and see for yourself! (Be sure to get to the end: 1953)

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What's scary is that the narration (the woman's voice from the magazine) says many things I hear today in our own fashion magazines. The irony has not escaped me:

"Oh What to do with our shapes?"

"...to caress your alabaster throat" (Okay this one I haven't heard in a long time; maybe not in my lifetime, but it's almost quaint.)

"lower the neckline a daring 3 inches ...to admit the fresh air" (That's a new one.)

"Hey baby get out of those rags... Women have the vote!"

"Take off that skirt if you want to be an 'it' girl!" (Beware of the guy who says that!)

"Identify your waistline."

"We bear our shoulders in a snazzy bateau neckline..."

"Relieve starkness with a simple strand of pearls."

"It's now chic to smoke...even in public" (Now, fill in the word "smoke" with any other verb.)

"Good heavens, what are you doing in that getup?" (I've said that to my children.)

"We are all going to be very pretty this season." (or else)

"Can't you find your waistline?"

"This year it's smart to be the broad shouldered, healthy, idependent vital American girl like Joan Crawford" (Yes, she was exactly the person I was thinking of!)

"...for a much more exotic view..."

"Above all we have lip allure. Our lips are delicious this year." (They are delicious this year as well.)

"Fashion has come to grips with reality." (Now that's whopper!)

"...American career girl has freed herself from fashion..."

"...welcoming the next day's challenges knowing that she has defeated countour delinquincy..." (a little 1950s humor here)

The more you learn about the fashion cycle, the funnier it all becomes.



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