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Over 45 Fashion

by Mary Sheehan Warren on 01/14/11

In a few days, I will hit the target market for Christopher Hopkin's Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45.  (If you get my drift.)

I originally began reading it to help my clients, but now, I must admit that not only has this book become the single most helpful resource I've used for the past year, but it has also helped me personally.

Christopher Hopkins, the "Makeover Guy" is extremely talented and seems like a delightful person. You can't help but love him as you read him say "I believe that as women mature, the more beautiful they become but the less attractive they feel," and "You have the power to express yourself not as expected but as amazing."

So, does he really deliver? Or is he just another pretty boy with pretty words?

Oh, he delivers. The book is in a highly readable and engaging format with quotes, biographical sketches of clients, graphics, and fantastic photos. The makeover photos are what influenced me to buy the book, and I still smile whenever I survey these faces of happy, confident women, all experiencing their greatest physical potential.

This is very powerful stuff.

So, what's his secret? A lot of what he does has to do with the key concept of moderation. In fact, I was happy to see that he says many of the same things I say in any one of my services, including the discussion of body type and fashion personality, and his information on hair and makeup is based on his years of experience in the salon.

Some pearls of wisdom:

"One must learn to use discernment and good taste to conceal more than reveal," he insists, and offers the practical advice, "[ a hemline] shorter than fingertips is too short for most women, but particularly for the second-act woman of taste."

"In the workplace, hosiery provides a professional business boundry for women who prefer to wear dresses rather than pants," he says as the basis of his view toward hosiery and career wear and reminds us that although we hear "from fashionistas everywhere that wearing hose with open-toed shoes is wrong," that "fortunately, [the] sentiment is so 2003. Sandal-foot hosiery is made for no other reason than to be worn with sandals."

And, "The thong has ended but the melody lingers on" is his take on thong undies, and he quips that a bottom "without shapewear is like Jell-O without a mold."

Oh don't worry. He never gives you the feeling that he's rolling his eyes or laughing at the ladies. This guy is genuine and loves women. I highly recommend this book as an additon to your self improvement library if you are over 45... or under it as well.

Check out his site: the makeover guy

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1. Maria Doll said on 1/15/11 - 12:09PM
Love those comments...I'll definitely use them in my up-coming seminar this week. Think I'll buy his book.
2. KatieJ said on 2/28/12 - 08:10AM
I borrowed this book from the Army-Europe library and I LOVE IT!! I can't wait to implement the MANY changes I am planning :) Thanks for the heads up on the book, Mary.
3. Dana Smith said on 9/25/12 - 03:55PM
How can I get a makeover???? I am stuck in a deep rut. I don't know what clothes look good on me, what style, color, nothing.....need HELP

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