Color Credibility : It's So You!

Color Credibility

by Mary Sheehan Warren on 08/21/13

I just painted two bedrooms in my home last week.

Yes, me. I do that from time to time.

The rooms look pretty good, but I got to wondering why I didn't just roll my body into the paint and onto the walls because it sure looked as if I had by the time I was done. At one point I pulled the bucket of paint outside to spruce up some old furniture to coordinate with the room (don't worry, it was white paint) and as I sat out on the floor of my garage, I reflected on the fashion of color. There I was with white paint in my hair, on my face, and splattered onto my black yoga pants and tank. My feet were filthy and my gorgeous red manicure was long ruined. (At least the three colors together were the ISYFashion colors.)

This is exactly when the new family from across the street decided to walk over and introduce themselves.

Fortunately, they were delightful, but I was hoping that the subject of what I do for a living wouldn't come up.

Well, it did.

"I uh; Can't tell you that," I said in response to the question in a way that an NSA person probably should.
"Really?" They asked.
"Okay okay. If you insist. I am an image consultant."

Pause. (Or was it my imagination?)

Oh they were so gracious after all (they're from the South you know), and they exclaimed that when they paint, they look just like me.

Well, I doubt that. And I also doubt that anyone else in the neighborhood stresses out about her credibility in regard to color. Of course, this credibility isn't totally diminished. The paint was white and the outfit was black (two great hues for my skin tone). Supposing the paint was, say, army green or rust? These are clearly not my colors. Or worse, what if my painting attire was one of those warm-toned colors to begin with? Now that would have been a travesty against good taste.

Other experts have even more credibility than I do. It seems that in times past, no one outside of the world of design, had ever heard of Pantone. Now, I see that they offer their color expertise at the paint section of the hardware store.

That's all great, but I'd like to offer them here as a source for the up and coming colors this fall. They offer a simple guide to what will be found in fashion.

(Love the rainbow effect, but I have to choose brighter and stronger versions of Mikonos Blue, Acai, and Vivacious. So, really, none of these exact hues apply to me. Will I find what I need in the stores? Absolutely! Will any of these colors work for you? It depends. What's your personal fashion color palette? )

And what you find in fashion may not necessarily be what you should choose for fashion. Don't forget the color palette your skin tone needs to glow! The color guide is a great conversational piece, but return to your own palette for your own color choices.

That painted lady in the garage across the street?  Well, she just might be an expert on this topic. Life is weird.

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