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Picking the flowers before they go away...

by Mary Sheehan Warren on 08/04/15

Maybe it's because I'm sitting on my back patio so much these days (avoiding any kind of inside work like laundry, paying the bills, or writing my materials for fall fashion) that the flowers have finally gotten to my head.

But isn't it almost as sweet to see the same sort of happiness in a flowy maxi dress, breezy skirt,or blousy tunic top? And even if you haven't a single streak of Romance in you, you might be able to find something to capture this floral zeitgeist. I for one will cry when it all comes to an end. Well, one mustn't borrow angst from the future. Pick your flowers here:

Another Eliza J (Nordstrom)

Neiman Marcus:

Free People

True Violet:

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