Virtues and Vices : It's So You!

Virtues and Vices

by Mary Sheehan Warren on 05/16/11

Etiquette is really all about our personal virtues and...uh, lack of virtues in our day to day interaction with others. Patience is one many of us try to develop in our professional and personal lives, and I always thought that regular, low-tech living (like the kind we had in, oh about 2002 or so) presented enough temptation to snap and gripe at others. Now, with smart phones (and smart teenagers) and greater band width, our expectations are now completely unreasonable: "I just emailed him 15 minutes ago...he should have answered!" Or, "Why does the Internet take a full 5 seconds longer to load on my phone?"

Here's a tidbit that says it well for me:  It's from a daily mailing called Little Pink Book. I enjoy getting these every week...if only it would load faster on my phone!

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