Book me for your next event or fundraiser as form of entertainment, comic relief, or for life-changing instruction. I speak to all ages and at all kinds of places including businesses, charitable organizations, professional associations, colleges, high schools, and as a keynote or plenary speaker at conferences and company retreats.

Practical Fashion

Educational (and still fun!)

  • It's So You!(General Fashion Advice) 
  • How to do "Business Casual"
  • From 8 to Infinity! (The Eight-Base Wardrobe; 8 on its side means infinity!)
  • Poised, Polished, and Professional (Professional Presence)
  • See What I Mean: How to Be Understood in a World of Misundersanding (Effective Personal Communication)
  • Thoughtful Fashion Consumption (A Beginner's Guide)
  • It's So Me! (For Young People)

  • Wear it Began: A Brief History of the Highs (and Lows) of Western Fashion 
  • Enclothed Cognition and the Case Against Sloppy
  • The Social Impact of Fast Fashion Consumption
  •  Fashion Marketing Literacy

My Philosophy

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