If you answered mostly B, you have a Classic Fashion Personality.

You enjoy a "classic" look. Coordination is a high priority for you and you pay attention to detail. You prefer structure, clever pairings, and smart accessories.

Avoid the boredom of predictability by enhancing your look with updates and little surprises. Stick with your instincts for choosing fashion, but squeeze a bit outside your comfort zone to step it up.


  • Continue your use of makeup but pay attention to new and fresher updates.
  • Wear your best colors around your face. If the mustard-color-tweed-man-style-blazer is worth a fortune but makes you look sick, opt for a new, feminine one in a gorgeous color.
  • If you own something that isn't exactly now, but isn't exactly vintage either (like the 1992 boiled wool cardigan) find a newer alternative for the same purpose.
  • Continue to pay attention to your shoes, but realize that an outdated old nasty shoe can destroy the beauty of your outfit.

Variation on the theme of "blue sweater" See more "classic" looks  at 
Take it a step further: What kind of "classic" are you? Vintage? Hollywood? Country? Urban? Preppy? Euro? If you think you've come up with something clever, tell me about it.
So, you are a classic. Tell me where you shop.