Take this quiz to find out your fashion personality. 
(See the answer key at the bottom of this page and follow the links.)

1. My approach to color is to choose...
a. simple, easy to wash, easy to hide stains, etc.
b. mostly primary colors, pink, black, and white in solids or classic prints.
c. softer "pretty" colors in solids or feminine prints.
d. lots of black or the "it" colors of the season.

2. The theme I use when choosing accessories is...
a. simplicity; Do I have to wear accessories?
b. put-together; I like to be well coordinated.
c. charming; I like softer details.
d. one-of-a-kind; I love to make a statement!

3. If I opened my own clothing store, a name for it might be...
a. Land's Edge, Banana Island, Into the Gap
b. Snap!, New Navy, Taylor and Lord
c. Whistful Thinking, Charmed I'm Sure, Anthropologists
d. Metro Stop, Unlimited, Rampant, Diva

4. When I shop, I...
a. I can find what I need pretty quickly in a catalogue or discount/department store because I'm a girl whose more about function than form.I might have a reputation for finding items at places which also sell sporting goods.
b. I expend a little effort to find quality. I have my favorite retailers and I'm willing to pay a little more for the right look and the proper fit. (At least in theory.)
c. I use both department stores and boutiques, although I have to feel inspired and uplifted. 
d. I visit a lot of off-beat places for a look that's really unique.

5. I'd love to know that my style can be described as...
a. down to earth, unfussy, natural, fresh
b. sharp, classic, pretty
c. charming, beautiful, feminine
d. fashion-forward, chic, sophisticated

6. My approach to makeup is to...
a. not approach it! Okay, maybe just a little.
b. coordinate it with my outfit.
c. keep it soft and pretty.
d. become noticeable and striking.

Now, count up the number of a's b's c's and d's you've answered. You might have chosen 3 or more answers. That's okay. You are probably a combination of two of them. So, just choose your most chosen two letters.

If you can't seem to figure it out, remember that #5 is weighted and can, in a pinch, count twice.

If you answered mostly a...

If you answered mostly b...

If you answered mostly c...

If you answered mostly d...

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