If you answered mostly D, you have an Expressive Fashion Personality.
You enjoy an "expressive" feel to your ensembles. You value uniqueness and being fashion-forward is a high priority for you. On the other hand, you hate to think that you can be pegged as one in a crowd of what's in style.

Avoid over-doing it, especially in a professional setting, and stay the class act you are.

  • Choose colors for their cosmetic effects rather than for the their fashionable appeal.
  • Keep the focal point of your fashion on your face.
  • Remember balance and proportion (and moderation) when accessorizing.
  • Remember the distinction between day time and night time makeup.
  • Remember the hour rule for shoes: Some shoes work all day, some for half, and your favorites for only 1 or 2 hours (mostly sitting).
  • Avoid too much bling on your handbag for professional wear.

Variation on the theme of "blue sweater" See more "expressive" looks  at 
Take it a step further: What kind of expressive are you? Glam? Diva? Urban Chic? Boho? Euro? Fantasy? Bombshell? Retro? If you think you've thought up something clever, tell me about it.
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