If you answered mostly A, you have a Relaxed Fashion Personality
You enjoy a "relaxed" look and comfort is a high priority for you. You prefer a little less structure in your silhouette, knit fabrics, and few (or no) accessories.

Avoid frumping out or relying on workout wear or tennis shoes all the time. Step it up a notch, especially for professional attire.

  • Go for your best colors all the time. (Why not wear a hoodie in your BEST color?)
  • Ensure that items are in good shape and not too "loved." (no pilling, stains, or general disprepair)
  • Go for a fitted look, rather than a tight or voluminous one. (You know what I mean here.)
  • Pay attention to your shoes. Comfort and style can be found in the same pair. Yes, they can.
  • Avoid back packs (and fanny packs) and cloth bags that get lumpy. Choose soft and supple leather that works with your everyday movements.
Variation on the theme of "blue sweater" See more "relaxed" looks  at 
Take it a step further: What kind of "relaxed" are you? Athletic? Natural? Edgy? Country? If you think you've come up with something clever, tell me about it!
Where to shop? Tell me your ideas...
Here are some of mine: Gap, Old Navy, Lands End, L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer,