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Fashion Gift Ideas for Women:

1. A signed copy of "It's So You!" with an inscription for best wishes. Here
2. Big fuzzy bathrobe - Here's one idea...
3.Pretty case for glasses Here's one idea...
4. Silk, oblong scarf in her best colors, or maybe a Pashmina Here's one idea...
5. Bangle or cuff bracelet Here's one idea...
6. Charm for her charm bracelet Here's one idea...
7. Fuzzy socks Here's one idea...
8. Soothing skin lotion Here's one idea...
9. Novelty tote bag - monogrammed! Here's one idea...
10. Pendant Here's one idea...

Tips for Giving a Great Interview...
Interview / Work Tips:

1. Choose your outfit with care. Ensure that it is cleaned and yes, pressed. (Dig out that iron from under the laundry!) Generally, professional attire involves separates like a structured top (for example, a collared shirt) paired with dress pants or a pencil skirt. Wear flattering colors for your skin type.

2. Update your eyeglasses. You must look current and convince your potential employer that your knowledge of the world didn't stop at 1999.

3. Wear eye makeup, but ensure that the eyes are still more noticeable than the makeup.

4. Limit the amount of jewelry, especially noise makers like bracelets. Cover or de-emphasize body art.

5. Attend to the smaller things like your breath, your uh, overall scent, and the condition of your hands. These are cues for how detail-oriented and charitable you are.

6. Wear shoes which don't involve any serious modifications of your walk. Practice walking as if you are used to work shoes.

7. Choose a bag which implies "work" rather than "beach," "bar," or "motorcycle gang."

8. Keep papers organized in a folder or portfolio and bring your own pen.

9. Wear hosiery if in doubt (especially if you are interviewing for a job which involves the management of lots of money).

10. Turn off the phone. Don't even put it on the table in front of you no matter how badly you need to view texts from your teenager who is stuck in front of the school. She'll be fine.

My Favorite Things:

Vivienne Tam is someone I watch each season.
Nanette Lepore's work always makes me smile.
The Trouser Fit is a full-leg that falls from the widest point of the hips. It can be the most elegant of trousers when made from a good woven fabric.
The Boot Cut fit is universally flattering because the artificial volume at the leg opening balances your natural volume at the "seat." Dark shades of denim will provide the most sophisticated look.
Form fitting trousers (skinny jeans, leggings, "stove pipe capris) are not as flattering on women who have a lot of natural volume on the bottom because the lines of the legs do not drop down vertically. Women with a lot of natural volume at the top may appear top heavy.

These jeans work with tasteful tops that skim over private areas like tops over leggings. And, as we all know, leggings work like panty hose. (One never leaves the house in just hosiery and a top.)

Jeans that are tapered on the bottom, loose through the thigh, and high waisted are "mom jeans." (and not in a good way)
Winter 2013 is eclectic and fun. Color blocking continues in gem tones and lace makes its winter come-back.​ Quick update items include...
Some career wear is shown with cropped or skinny trousers. The top portion of this outfit is perfect for business; The bottom brings it down to business casual.
BAGS! (The Guide)

Take a look below. Note that this season offers a bit of lady-like restraint. Resist prints and bright colors for career wear, but let your creativity run free for casual time.
The business Wardrobe: A checklist
1. The soft blazer
The key word is "soft." The blazer must be comfortable and fluid or you just won't reach for it. Most department stores sell these "boyfriend blazers" for under $100 (to the left: Kohls for $41 on sale). I  found mine in a thrift shop.
2. Silk or silk-like shirt
The chances are pretty good that you own at least one pair of "skinny jeans." Wouldn't it be nice to top it with something that skims over those areas best left to the imagination? A man-tailored, tunic length shirt is a great fit for this and can be layered over a t shirt or under a cardigan.
3. Something color blocked
Color blocking is a modern way to get in your favorite colors and most flattering lines. You can find it a top, a bottom, a dress, a bag, or even a pair of shoes.
4. Something cobalt blue or royal purple.
5. Printed trouser, skirt, or blouse. Perhaps a shoe in an animal print.
6. Romantic jewelry. Go for a an elegant earring or chunky necklace.