Need some ideas? Below is a list of talks which only we provide: 

It's So You: Polished, Poised, and Professional                                                                                                            (Overview of professional presence, attire, etiquette, and netiquette)

It's So You! Fitting Fashion to Your Life                                                                                                                           (Overview of the Elements of Style and how knowing your style will change your life)

Other Talks:
  • Fit, Flattery, and the Fashion Forecast (Helping women to choose the best styles for themselves and ignore the rest) Can be tailored for a mom's group.
  • Good, True, and Beautiful: It's So You! (Dress to show this real you.) Great choice for college and high school women.
  • Best Practices for Sustainable Fashion
  • How to Speak to Teens About Fashion (For parents and teachers)
  • Society and Fashion (A survey on how societal trends affects fashion)
  • Wear it Began: Fashion's Love-Hate Relationship with Work (For anyone)
  • From Fig Leaf to Faux Fur (A Brief History of Fashion and How it Relates to What we Wear Now)

We connect individuals and organizations to providers of motivational talks, training classes, personal consultations (including shopping and closet consultations) and fashion or "image" consultant training. Please tell us what you are looking for and where you would like to have your service. Email your request.
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Our providers adhere to our our philosophy and standards.

​ISYFashion believes that any fashion professional must adhere to the following standards:

1.Provide accurate information in the advertising of services and associated prices.
2.Conduct business with a high standard of professionalism including prompt response times, delivery of services which honor agreed schedules, and the high-quality performance of services.
3.Continue the process of self-education in the areas which constitute the scope of professional offerings.
4.Develop and provide services, materials, and instructional aids which address the dignity of the client as a person. This includes attention to his or her budgetary restraints, career and esteem needs, and issues related to self-confidence and emotional well-being.
5. When advising on shopping, provide services and/or materials which encourage the thoughtful consumption of fashion goods. The “thoughtful consumption” of fashion goods includes a regular examination of his or her rate of consumption and disposal of unwanted goods, an awareness of the ethical practices of how brands source, manufacture, and sell goods, and the willingness to act upon knowledge of these factors in favor of more ethical and sustainable practices.