Armed with a mirror, a pencil, and this liberating book, any woman - CEO or stay-at-home mom - can look her best every day of the week. It's So You! offers a radical new approach to fashion that helps you discover and develop your personal style. You can put fashion in its place, making it a tool for your personal and professional growth - and save heaps of money at the same time.

With a light-hearted and easy tone, Mary Sheehan Warren guides you through key "Fashion Moments of Truth" and explains the elements of style - body type, palette, wardrobe planning, accessories - with well-organized explanations, helpful checklists, friendly anecdotes, witty quotations, answers to frequently asked questions - and over 400 detailed illustrations.

The result is a fool-proof "Style Profile" to take you though every season and situation. And, you'll have the cleanest closet of your life.

Forget about chasing after glossy magazine images that have nothing to do with who you really are. It's So You! encourages you to value your  body as it is, helping you to become a woman whose dignity and elegance command respect, an inspiration to your family and friends.

1 My Style, Your Style, Their Style
2 The Elements of Style: Body Type
3 The Elements of Style: Fashion Personality
4 The Elements of Style: Color Palette
5 Total Style: Wardrobe Planning Part 1

Clear explanations complete with illustrations and charts
Real-life examples
"Style Profiles" which require you to respond by thinking, writing, or digging in your closet
"Fashion Moments of Truth" to do when you go into your closet
Frequently Asked Questions from Mary's seminars

"...It's a tome filled with no-nonsense advice and plenty of insightful solutions to your style problems." - Cleveland Plain Dealer

' ... Everything you ever wanted to know about identifying and developing your personal style is packed into this book, from choosing the right colors and clothing to organizing your closet and saving money...clearly presented, and the questionnaires and illustrations are a nice bonus." - Orlando Sentinel

"She isn't a marriage counselor, but she may have saved a marriage or two...Beyond defining personal style, the book shows women how to shop for purses, shoes, and accessories..." - NOW Magazine, Milwaukee

I read your book, cover to cover, and have applied many changes. The compliments began POURING in! People thought I lost weight, thought I'd been exercising, etc. - Paula
6 Total Style: Wardrobe Planning Part 2
7 Functional Style: Accessories
8 Smart Style: How to Get What You Need
9 Polished Style: The Power of Poise
10 Your Gift of Style

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It's So You! A Lighthearted and Easy Way to Find Your Personal Style having an engaging, lively and fun conversation with someone you trust..."
  • Step by step instructions
  • Real-world examples
  • Illustrations
  • Charts
  • Trivia
  • Thoughtful activities
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How to Speak to Teens About Fashion
A curriculum for instruction.
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The ISYFashion Hotsheet
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