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Swanky Seconds I found a duffel bag for my trip to London and I talked a friend into a smart pair of boots for her travels. Owner Allison Rozek is a savvy fashionista and has an eye for the best in true pret-a-porter. This store is a fantastic find!
Swanky Seconds, 2223 East Capitol Drive; Shorewood, Wisconsin 53211; 
414-313-4042 IInventory is also displayed in Outlet on Kanuga Bend in Hendersonville, North Carolina and Decades in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Success In Style in the Washington-Baltimore area is a non profit organization providing career wear to men and women in need. See them at


Sr. Edna's Creations​. Every time I see my friend Anne Rice, I comment on her necklace, bracelet or earrings. Wow! Charming! Gorgeous! And, it's always the same answer: Sister Edna's Creations! So, this lady earns the distinction of catching the imagination of so many in a very crowded market of handmade jewelry. Bravo! Charming creations to benefit an organization I've been honored to see operate firsthand. See the jewelry. See the Center.


Mary Alison's Handbags are absolutely adorable! Well constructed in charming fabrics of happy colors, these bags are the accessories which will add interest to your look. Consider one as a gift this Christmas. See for more information.
.. Thoughtful!

A Year of Good Manners by Margery Sinclair. 
Not only do I wish I had long ago discovered this perpetual calendar for recording important dates (before I missed those important dates), but I wish I had met Margery long before now. She is a treasure of information on etiquette and fashion and a great human being. See her work or order her book at​

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Quivvers. Remember the George Costanza wallet? Maybe a fellow you know has one. Or, maybe not. The guy you love is a minimalist and George's wallet never had a 

chance at his back pocket.

Either way, Quivvers melds utility with style in a way George never learned. Take a look:
*Form fitting

*Wear inside or outside the jacket

*Lots of pockets for stuff


*All weather


*Made in the USA
Go to to find out more. Its creator, Amy Bendfelt Barnum is based in my hometown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.​

So, why I do I tell you about this here at ISYFashion? Because women are smart and they'll buy it too!