"It's So You! Polished, Poised, and Professional" 

Time: 1.5 - 3  hours depending upon size of the group; or, customized to fit your schedule

Setting: Conference room, classroom, or auditorium; Projector required for Prezi or Power Point presentation. Control of lighting required for demonstration and role playing.

Content: (Customize for your group):
  • The power of the First Impression
  • Projection, Perception, and Context
  • The Three Elements of Style for Men and Women: 1. Proportion and Fit; 2. Fashion Personality and Confidence; 3. Use of Color as Cosmetics
  • Business Appropriate Choices in Fashion (Business vs. Business Casual and Personal Casual)
  • Body Language, Handshakes, and Introductions
  • Networking and Cocktail Etiquette (with a nod to dining etiquette)
  • Basics of Netiquette

Materials: custom-made handout

CostRequest Fee Schedule.

In order to tailor this service to your needs, ISYFashion will conduct a Needs Assessment for your group. You may choose your emphasis (industry-specific, just for recent graduates and job seekers, "cleaning it up" for the client, etc.) and explain your group's preferred learning style.

There is no charge for the Needs Assessment if you proceed with any service. A full Needs Assessment (finalized in written form) is $100 without any services.

  • Schenck SC Accounting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Healthcare Payment Systems
  • CO-OP Financial Services
  • The Women's Alliance (Keynote at National Conference)
  • Fashion Week, Milwaukee Initiative
  • Emerald Isle Marketing and PR
  • Ellenbecker Investment Group
  • ETCETERA Clothing (National Sales Training)
  • Mothers and More, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Chicos (Northern California locations)
  • Milwaukee Area Technical College
  • Marquette University "Love Your Body" Week, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Milwaukee Public Schools, Social Services, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Mary Kay, West Bend, Wisconsin
  • Barnes and Noble, Glendale, Wisconsin
  • Milwaukee Athletic Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Junior League, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Oneida Golf and Country Club, Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Professional Dimensions, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Blue Mound Golf and Country Club, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
  • Success In Style, Ellicott City, Maryland
  • Bottomless Closet, Milwuakee, Wisconsin
  • Summit Education, Milwuakee, Wisconsin
  • Relevant Radio, Waukesha, Wisconsin
  • North Shore Congregational Church, Fox Point Wisconsin
  • St. Joan Antida High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Grace and Glamor, Great Falls, Virginia
  • St John's Moms Group, McLean, Virginia
  • Thomas Aquinas Center, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
  • Franciscan University, Steubenville, Ohio
  • M.O.P.S (Mothers of Preschoolers) in Maryland and Wisconsin
  • University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas 
  • FOCUS, Greeley, Colorado
  • Lexington College, Chicago
  • Hackensack Golf Club, Hackensack, New Jersey
  • Catholic University of America, Business Class presentation, Washington DC
  • Leaders Now International, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Willows Academy, Embers Academy, Kingswood Academy, Chicago Area
  • Murray Hill Institute, New York, New York
  • Tamezin Club, London, U.K.
  • Hazlewood Conference Center, Workshop for Moms, Glascow, Scotland
  • Glenard University Residence, Dublin, Ireland
  • ACIM in collaboration with IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain
  • ​TRENDS, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Canada
  • PEV, Parent Seminar Series, Toronto, Ontario
  • Family Enrichment, Singapore, Mexico City, Houston 
  • ​Ave Maria College, Naples, Florida
  • Catholic Information Center, Washington DC
  • Private residences throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, California, and Florida.
No two organizations are the same.      
So, no single service fits every group in the exactly the same way.    
Each of the options below may be tailored to suit your group's unique demands.
Polish: Skills related to the first impression and choices for attire, especially in the "business casual" environment.
Poise: Skills related to body language, introductions, and dining etiquette 
Professional: Skills related to communication such as listening, speaking, managing the mobile phone, and netiquette.
  • Or, any one (or all) of three modules - Polished, Poised, and Professional for the length of time you need.

Each Module below is a more intensive study of the topics described in the Overview. Choose one, two,    or all three modules for your group and schedule at your own pace (all in one day, once a week for several weeks, or across several months). Each module requires a minimum of one hour.

Module One: Polish
  • The Power of the First Impression / Face as the Focal Point of fashion
  • Projection, Perception, and Context
  • The First Element of Style: Body Type and Creating an Optical Illusion of Proportion in the Silhouette (basic principles of perception of color, line, pattern, and texture; The importance of fit and undergarments)
  • The Second Element of Style: Fashion Personality and Confidence (Participants each complete a self assessment)
  • Business Appropriate Choices in Fashion (Business vs. business casual and personal casual)
  • Wardrobe Analysis and Planning (Viewing templates and understanding quality)
  • Wardrobe Planning, Shopping, and Maintenance

Module Two: Poise
  • Review of the First Impression: Connection and Understanding
  • ​The Art of the Handshake
  • Introductions and Business Cards
  • How to Navigate the Networking Event (Especially the cocktail hour)
  • Corporate Dining Etiquette explained through the Sell, the Setting, the Setup, and the Save.
  • The Sell- Why we should care
  • The Setting - How to choose the venue, invitations, RSVP's, when to discuss business, and who pays
  • The Setup - The napkin, the place setting, courses, Zig-Zag or Continental style, and "Silent Service Code"
  • The Save - What NOT to do and what to do when you've done what not to do

Module Three: Professional
  • The First Impression and its Reinforcement (or Remediation) through Communication Skills
  • Communication Style Assessment (Four Styles based upon Four Temperaments)
  • Strengths and Needs of Each Style (Especially in regard to listening, speaking, and writing)
  • Choosing the Technology for the Task
  • Appropriate and Professional Use of the Mobile Phone (Settings, voice mail, making calls, photos, and texting)
  • Appropriate and Professional Use of Email and Social Media through an analysis of Conventional Format, Professional Tone, and Appropriate Content
  • Case study of an Email

This service can be used as a follow up for any of the above services, or as a first exposure. One-on-one Coaching is a great way to bring a new employee into the company or address another employee's special needs, especially when discretion is essential.

In-Office Coaching can be completed on any one or all of the following topics:
  • Dress Code *
  • Professional Presence: First Impression, Handshake, Introductions
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Communication Style: Listening, Speaking,Writing
  • Netiquette

​The Personal Fashion Consultation can be provided in the office, in the home, or even at the Mall
  • Dress Code 
  • Body Type
  • Fashion Personality
  • Color Analysis
  • Closet Audit
  • Wardrobe Planning
  • Shopping

*Generally, company dress code is best communicated through a personal fashion consultation.​

Request Fee Schedule

Cost: Request Fee Schedule.

​In order to tailor this service to your needs, ISYFashion will conduct a Needs Assessment for your group. You may choose your emphasis (industry-specific, just for recent graduates and job seekers, etc.) and explain your group's preferred learning style.

There is no charge for the Needs Assessment if you proceed with any service. A full Needs Assessment (finalized in written form) is $100 without any services.

Materials: Handouts are provided for each module. If you choose all three, handouts will complete an entire workbook.

Setting: Conference room, classroom, or auditorium; Projector required for Prezi or Power Point presentation. Control of lighting required for demonstration and role playing.

Call Mary at 202.412.8810. Or, email her at
Call Mary 202.412.8810. Or, email her at
Call Mary at 202.412.8810. Or, email her at
"Our brand is reflected in everything we do and say, including the clothing we wear and style we exude. That’s why we hired Mary to lead us in a three-part fashion series with a focus on wardrobe basics, today’s business trends and social graces. Mary is a lively speaker with great visuals, making the sessions practical and business savvy. We had fun, learned a lot and look forward to putting our best foot forward in every business situation."

--Colleen Smith,   Principal, Emerald Isle Marketing • PR
"Mary presented a "professional presence" seminar for our department of sixteen people. It encompassed several topics, including the importance of the first impression, what "being professional" means, dining and networking etiquette and tips, participation guidelines for conference calls, meetings and classes, proper use of cell phones and emails, and an overview of communication styles and temperaments. She was well prepared, incorporated humor into the material, engaged the audience, and provided participants with that nudge to reflect on their own personal modes of operation. She supplemented her presentation with a handout to assist people with that thought process as well as to share a list of additional resources available to help them. These are topics that are important to our success, but that we rarely stop to think about. I was very pleased with how well the group received Mary and the information she presented. One employee told me that he wished we had time to do her entire series - a testament to how well Mary connected and the value of the content she provides. Thank you!"
- Mary Hessel, Manager, Co Op Financial
"“Mary Sheehan Warren had an amazing impact on my entire office team. She was compassionate, personal, enthusiastic and motivating through the entire process of reforming our dress code to professional and executive level. The beauty of this process was that she removed an immense amount of daily pressure by helping our employees feel better about what the chose to wear each day. In addition, as an employer, I no longer had the role of fashion police. I would highly recommend her to an individual or team who is looking to propel themselves to the next level professionally.”

Karen J. Ellenbecker, President Ellenbecker Investment Group