You should expect to have a lot of fun!

Your fee will cover all parts of the group consultation. There are no other costs unless you would like to buy an extra book. There's no sales pitch to join anything and no recruiting to sell anything. This is a no-obligation service.

My goal for the consultation is to help you to improve (or completely overhaul!) your personal fashion, and transform it into a signature style which is uniquely yours. This is one reason why I want you to bring along 1-2 items randomly selected from your closet (top, bottom, whole piece or shoe). Be prepared to learn if the items are really "you."

I will not try to talk you into a certain "look" or a kind of style. You are the one in charge of your choices. 

I will teach you how to select not only from this season's fashion, but all future fashion seasons and trends. What you will learn is set of life-long skills which include:

  • How to manipulate your fashion to communicate what you want. (You will set goals for yourself and reflect on your past fashion choices.)
  • Body type analysis and strategies for creating an optical illusion of proportion in your overall look (You will measure yourself for body type and then learn all about it!)
  • Fashion personality and analysis of current fashion choices (You will take a self assessment and then discuss all things you.)
  • Color palette (You will receive a personal color analysis to find out the best colors for you.)
  • Wardrobe analysis and planning (You will be advised on what to do in your closet once you get home.)
  • Shopping Strategies ( You will learn the best ways to shop and possible shopping venues.)

I will also provide time for you to ask any question you have, and you may email me any further questions! I have the obligation to answer your questions promptly.

I can't wait to meet you! See you at the group consultation!

It's So You!
Fitting Fashion to Your Life