The goal of this service is to  assist each participant with her understanding of her personal style. I like to create an atmosphere which is light-hearted and friendly. My approach is to teach and serve.

Begin by requesting an Engagement Agreement by clicking here.  Continue to read below for details.

Decide on your meeting place. If you are with a women's group, school, or club, the best place is your regular meeting place, unless seating is inadequate (i.e. you plan on inviting others outside of your membership)

"Classroom seating" is best. Each participant will be writing in a book or booklet.

Lighting should be controlled. In other words, it should dim enough for a Power Point presentation and lighten enough for color analysis (if that is included). You will need to provide a screen for projection.

Decide the materials for the seminar. Most groups purchase the books (half-price) from for each of their members. Otherwise, you may contact me for special arrangements.

Also, decide upon any special topics you would like for me to cover! Include it in the invitation below. (And let me know before the seminar!)

IMPORTANT: I provide a color analysis to each participant in groups of  UNDER 20 participants. (This is to ensure the highest quality of service.) Groups of 21 or more will be provided with a color analysis demonstration on a volunteer participant

A $50 deposit is due upon agreement of date and time. The balance is due upon completion of the seminar.

Invitation: The best method for inviting members/guests is to use your regular means of communication (newsletters, memos, emails, etc.) 

Once  you have invited your guests, stay in contact with me!


You are invited to a fashion seminar! 
IT'S SO YOU! Fitting Fashion to Your Life

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Your fashion consultant is Mary Sheehan Warren, author of It's So You! Fitting Fashion to Your Life.
See for details!
This 3 hour service will include learning about:
  • What you MUST know about fashion and your professional image
  • Your body type and strategies for creating the illusion of proportion (You will measure yourself for body type and learn all about it.)
  • Your fashion personality (You will take a self assessment and discuss all about you!)
  • Your best colors 
  • Basic wardrobing techniques (You'll learn about what to do once you get into your closet.)
  • Shopping advice (where to go and what to do)
  • A fashion forecast for next season!

Please reserve your space by replying to                                                 at