"Am I imagining this, or are people now looking into my eyes more often?" - A happy client
THE PERSONAL CONSULTATION: Request this service!
What I promise...

This service is my most popular and is completed right in your own your closet! My goal is to teach you life-long skills which provide you with the confidence to choose your own fashion successfully. I charge $75 per hour in the Madison and Milwaukee areas, and $100 per hour everywhere else. (Locations outside of WI and IL: 4 hour minimum and travel expenses charged.) Also, see the POWER CONSULTATION below for a great money-saving package.
A personal consultation takes you through the following process:
1. A discussion of lifestyle and wardrobe needs. Information is recorded and analyzed in a customized binder. See Binder Table of Contents. The binder is also used for instruction in your personal Elements of Style: Body type analysis (with my stress-free tape measure); Fashion Personality Assessment; And, full Color Analysis.)
2. A thorough closet cleaning and analysis of your current wardrobe/s.
3. A Wardrobe plan based upon your personal Elements of Style and sketched out to ease understanding.
4. A Shopping plan, including suggestions for venues.
5. A Fashion Forecast for the upcoming season.
Personal Shopping is an option for follow-up.  See below for information on 25% discount for returning clients!
 We'll first talk about your needs and your lifestyle. Also, be sure to indicate if you wish to purchase the book It's So You! Fitting Fashion to Your Life  for $20. The book is not required for this consultation. 


The Elements of Style: For the fashion-frightened! Not so sure you want to commit to someone getting into your closet just yet? Let's just  focus on your Elements of Style: Body type analysis, fashion personality, and color. $75 Per hour in Wisconsin; $100 per hour any where else. The Personal Consultation Starter Kit is not necessary. This makes a great gift!

The Power Consultation: Designed to get the greatest bang for your buck! This is what you choose if you are serious about improving your personal presentation. Set aside a day for this one! Available everywhere.
  • 3 hours of everything listed above for the personal consultation
  • 3 hours of on-site shopping assistance
The cost is $400 in Wisconsin; $500 everywhere else. (6 hours total!) Travel expenses apply outside of WI and IL.

Power Consultation Starter Kit! Click here.

 Follow Up Consultation: For those who have had me in their closets! (Hourly rates apply/ 25% discount for returning clients) Choose your focus:
  • Personal Shopping Excursion (Let's hit the stores together!)
  • Change of Season Switch-Out (I'll open the boxes, pull out the goods, and help you to build next season's wardrobe.)
  • Fashion Forecast/ Wrap-up (I'll guide you through the season's offerings and how each can  - or can't - work for you.)
  • Life Changes (Need a maternity wardrobe? Landed a new job? Recently retired? I can help.)
It's So You!
Fitting Fashion to Your Life

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