Look for pink print for adaptations for teens.
(For instructions on hosting the Seminar,  click here.)

The goal of this service is to assist your friends or colleagues with their personal styles. I like to create a calming, spa-like atmosphere where each woman feels special and free to ask any questions. My approach is to both teach and serve.

Decide on a meeting place. Often, the living room or a family room is the best place because it can be comfortable and cozy. Ensure  that there is enough seating for all participants.

Once we agree on a date, time, and location, you are ready to tell your friends!

Invitations: Simple emails and follow-up phone calls work best. Be sure to email moms of your teenage participants. The most effective wording is the following: (You may copy and paste this into an email. Just add your details and your own message.)

You are invited to a fashion consultation! 
at the home of                     
at                                 on
Your fashion consultant is Mary Sheehan Warren, author of It's So You! Fitting Fashion to Your Life.

See See   

This 2 and a half hour service will include learning about:
  • What you MUST know about fashion and personal style!
  • Your body type and strategies for creating the illusion of proportion
  • Your fashion personality
  • Your absolutely best colors
  • Basic wardrobing techniques (what to do in your closet!)
  • Shopping advice, and...
  • A fashion forecast for next season!

The cost is $50per person and includes one copy of Mary's book. 

Teens: The cost is $30 per person. $50 for a pair of siblings. There are no products for sale at this service.

To come along, simply reply to this email or call                                         at    

I now use either a laptop and projector (to project a Power Point presentation) or a DVD presentation. Please discuss with me the best option for your home. Completely non-electronic presentations are also available.

For the color analysis segment, a stool or chair in the kitchen or in a well-lit area works best. I need full lighting to be able to see the client clearly.

Many hostesses serve very simple refreshments such as water, coffee, or wine and light snacks (cheese, crackers, fruit). This is entirely up to you. Refreshments are not required.

Once  you have invited your guests, stay in contact with me! or call me at 414.412.6333.

It's So You!
Fitting Fashion to Your Life