This service is my most popular and is completed right in your own your closet! Beyond our fashion seminars, this is a personalized service catered to your needs. My goal is to teach you life-long skills which provide you with the confidence to choose your own fashion successfully. 

​Here's how we do it:

  • We will begin by talking about your life, your lifestyle demands, and all your current wardrobe strengths and needs. The consultation can't proceed until you set your goals and visualize your best results. See Binder Table of Contents.
  • I will instruct you on your "Elements of Style." First, I will find your body type with my stress-free tape measure and I'll explain the kind of clothing you can choose to create an optical illusion of proportion in your silhouette.
  • You will discover your fashion personality through a quiz, a photographic survey, or both. We'll review past shopping strategies in the light of this new knowledge.
  • You will observe how certain colors and palettes of color work with your skin tone so that you can take a "cosmetic approach" to your fashion color choices. Your best colors will be a part of your consultation binder.
  • ​We'll turn to your closet (s) and check items against your Elements of Style. We'll develop a core wardrobe of the absolute best from your closet.
  • ​We'll get creative with this core wardrobe, look for new ways to mix and match, accessorize, or add to it.
  • I'll fashion forecast for you and recommend specific adaptations for your needs and lifestyle.
  • We'll develop a shopping list for necessary improvements and  I'll recommend venues for shopping and advisable price points.
  • You'll walk away with a personalized binder of advice and instruction, a copy of the book "It's So You!," and you will receive as a follow-up, the Consultation Summary on your own webpage (password protected), which works like a personal "fashion show" with photographs of your best looks. (Yes, I bring a camera to the consultation.)
  • As my client, you will have access to me by phone and email for any further questions you may have. I do not charge for calls which last no longer than a half hour.

Prices: The base price for the personal consultation (3 hours) is $300 and includes the consultation binder, the book, "It's So You!" and the consultation summary of your photographs. I do not go beyond the 3 hour limit unless you request it specifically. Each hour after is discounted at $75 per. 

Or, try the  POWER POWER PACKAGE for a great deal!

Do you live outside of the Washington-Baltimore area? If you are more than a two hour drive from Washington, just add on travel and accommodation expenses. RECOMMENDED: Form a group of out-of-town clients to split travel and accommodation expenses.

I plan to make semi annual visits to Milwaukee and Chicago. 

Personal Shopping (escorted) is an option for follow-up at $75 per hour; $100 per hour as a first service with a three hour minimum.

Escorted shopping is in locations throughout Washington DC and Baltimore. and for an additional cost of travel expenses, Milwaukee, Chicago, Orange County (California), and New York City. If you live outside of these locations and you would like for me to help you shop, I will rely on you to plan the itinerary.

3 hours of in-home consultation + 3 hours of shopping for $550. (That's a savings of $50; travel and accommodation expenses apply for locations outside of the Washington-Baltimore area.

JUST THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE:  For the fashion-frightened! Not so sure you want to commit to someone getting into your closet just yet? Let's just  focus on your body type, fashion personality, and color palette. $100 for one hour. Offered only in the greater Washington DC area. This makes a great gift!


"Am I imagining this, or are people now looking into my eyes more often?" - A happy client

Rise to every occasion!
You do it every morning. Sometimes it's a mindless-no-big-deal and other times it's a serious source of stress.

Dressing for the day: How's it working for you?

If you have nothing to wear or way too many things (or anywhere in between) a personal closet consultation is a great stress reducer AND an investment in a better quality of life.
Choose the Personal Consultation in the comfort of your home, Shopping Services as follow up to your personal consultation, or the Small Group Consultation with your friends and family.

Whatever you choose, the results are:

  • A wardrobe which helps you to look FABULOUS!
  • A personalized, stress-free system for getting dressed in the morning
  • A set of proven strategies for saving money in the future

Personal Fashion Consulting


This service is a nice excuse for a mom's night out, a bridal party get-together, or a gift to friends and family.  Host this in your living room or favorite gathering place.

In a light-hearted and humorous tone, Mary will guide your guests through the best about fashion.

Decide your level of intensity:

1.5 hour "Fashion Forecast" for unlimited number of guests
  • Light-hearted topics are excellent for eclectic mixes of women.
  • Emphasis is on fashion personality, including a self assessment for each guest.
  • Low-tech approach to instruction using clothing and photos.
  • "Hot Sheet"  handout for each guest
  • Tips tailored to the lifestyle of the group
  • $250 for unlimited number of guests for 1.5 hour

​2 hour "True Consultation" for a maximum group of 6 clients
  • More intense coverage of fashion, including fashion personality assessment
  • Body type analysis with measuring tape and instruction on the strategies for an optical illusion of proportion.
  • Color analysis for each client.
  • Wardrobe analysis and planning with built in fashion forecast
  • Shopping tips
  • Each client brings a random sampling of her clothing from home for paired analysis.
  • $300 for maximum of 6 guests for 2 hours. (Minimum of 2 required at same price.)

"Mary’s professional advice over the last 10 years through both group and personal consultations has dramatically impacted how I dress, present myself and shop. I went from outdated to “in style” cost effectively. My “fashion personality” has come to life and I now shop with confidence and regularly receive compliments on how I dress and, most importantly, my husband is thrilled with the transformation. Thank you, Mary!" - Beth Griffin, Health Payment Systems